Feel the light – new original sunset ocean painting


It’s been a while since I posted new painting here. Today I want to tell you about the new original sunset ocean painting that I finished recently. 

Feel the light
Oil on canvas

In August I finished Sunset Bliss sunset ocean paintings which can be found in my Etsy store

I’m so happy with my new sunset ocean painting “Feel the light”. I must admit, the idea that I had in my mind when I started it, was totally different from the end result but I loved the whole journey. I learned so much.  

sunset ocean painting

sunset ocean painting

sunset ocean painting

There were days when I felt like I lost my creative mojo. It was probably because I was trying very hard to make something new, something different from the previous paintings. So I took some days off. I concentrated on the commission works and when I came back to it, I noticed that somehow I knew how to proceed.

Then I had a little problem. Since my creative mojo was back, I worked on it at least 5 hours a day and one day I felt so sick. I realized that I hadn’t been careful enough, the oil paint fumes made me sick. Breathing was uncomfortable. I felt fumes in the trachea. I didn’t understand why I felt so sick since the window was always open while I painted. I decided to post about my problem to some Facebook artist groups. Artists told me about different ways I can protect my health. I’m so grateful for all the feedback that I got from these groups.

I bought a mask which protects me from toxic fumes and now I can paint again without feeling sick. This painting represents my journey overcoming the obstacles that I had while working on this sunset ocean painting.
I want this painting to bring hope to all the people who may have some kind of obstacles in their life. The light that is shining behind the cloud, represents the hope. In other words, there is always hope, a solution, even when you don’t see it at the moment. You just keep going.

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