My new happy place

I realised that I have written about my indoors painting  ( my bedroom) but I haven’t written about my outdoors studio- my new happy place. So I invite you for a little tour!

There are 365 days in a year. Here in Estonia we have 3 months of summer. Some year the weather is not very nice so it’s not even 3 months. This explains why I wait for the summer all the time.

I’m someone who loves summer. I love spring. Everything is waking up from long winter and starts to blossom slowly. I love observing it. It’s so beautiful. Being surrounded by nature is good for my creativity. Nature helps me to get my attention to the present moment and this way I’m able to get better ideas for my art. 

Maybe some of you noticed that last year I set up a little corner on my balcony for painting. This was the place where my Waves Of Life series was born. I was very happy with it but after some time I realised that the sun was shining too intensely and I spent more time on trying to avoid the sun than I did on painting.

This summer I got a very good idea. I sad on the balcony and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  I took a little break from painting indoors. I was looking the table and then I realised that there is a little place on my balcony where sun wouldn’t disturb me.

 I went inside and brought all my painting supplies to the balcony.

I was even able to find a room for my easel. I couldn’t believe how comfortable this new place was. 

I made a little video to show you my new happy place. It has been true bliss painting like this. I don’t think I could wish for anything better really.

Where is your workspace? Where do you like to work?


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