What you need to start oil painting


If you have been thinking about starting to paint then you have come to the right place. In this blog post I will tell you what you  need to start oil painting. So get comfortable and take notes.

I remember when I first started. I had so many questions. Which oil colors to use? Should I use canvas or canvas paper. What on earth is medium? If you’re having any of these questions right now then I’m here to help you. I can’t say I’m an expert but I will tell you what I’ve learned throughout the years.

  1. Oil paint. There are so many different brands of oil paints. I would suggest starting with the oil paints created for students a.k.a beginners. They are cheaper and perfect for practising. When the time goes by and your skills get better, you can invest more money in oil paints.
  2. Brushes.  There are brushes for watercolor, oil colors and acrylics. Pay close attention to the signs so that you won’t buy the wrong brushes. Brushes come in different shapes. Each one of them has a specific stroke. When it comes to oil color brushes, they are made of bristle hair and sable hair. You can use bristle brushes to complete your whole painting but when you need to make finer details then you need to use sable brushes.
  3. Turpentine. It can be used to thin oil paint and effect the flow of paint onto the canvas.
  4. Newspaper ( to clean the brushes) Or you can use some kind of old clothes to clean your brushes. Whatever works better for you.
  5. Linseed stand oil.  It is a painting medium which will make oil paints more fluid, transparent and flossy. I use it a lot. The thing I love about linseed oil is that it is odorless. It’s not healthy to breathe in poisonous mediums.
  6. Charcoal pencil or pencil. They will come in handy when you start the painting. You can use them to sketch out the basic outlines for your work. This will make the whole painting process easier.
  7. Palette. You can buy a palette from the local art shop or you can buy it online. I personally have used one time use plates, also discovered that the glass from a picture frame can also be used as a palette.
  8. Comfortable clothes. Yes! Its very important to wear clothes that are not your most favorite ones. There is a high possibility that you might end up ruining your clothes when you spill some oil colors on it. I have personally managed to wash the oil colors out but it all depends on the material and fabric of the clothes. Also, you should consider getting yourself rubber gloves. It’s not good for your skin to get covered with oil colors.
  9. Easel or table.  I personally love to use both of them. With easel you have an opportunity to paint either by standing or you can use a chair. If you would prefer to have all your oil colors in hand, then you can paint on the table. Personally I can’t always paint on the table because I tend to get the neck pain when I spend too much time behind the table. So if you are a person who is suffering under neck pain/ back pain then probably this isn’t the right choice for you.
  10. Canvas. There are so many different brands who offer canvas in different measurements. When you’re just getting started with painting, I recommend you to start with smaller canvases. Personally I think it’s easier.

I hope this blog post was helpful and you learned something new.

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