July studio update

Probably you have noticed that I haven’t posted new art on my website recently. There is a reason. I’m so happy to tell you guys that during the past few months I have been working on a new series. In this post I will tell you more about it. 

I believe being an artist is like being a river. You are in a constant flow and sometimes there will be rocks ( art blocks) that try to stop you from going but you will find a way just like water finds its way between rocks because your desire to create is bigger than all the art blocks and problems that might try to stop you.

All my previous paintings have been deep blue and turquoise. I really enjoyed painting these and I do believe they were very important part of my artist journey to get to the point I’m today. I felt like I wanted to move on to the softer tones.

All my paintings come from deep of my soul and they also will radiate the emotions that I’m feeling during the painting process. I always want to radiate positive emotions and bring something good to the world.

New series will be about sunset ocean paintings. I have been wanting to paint sunset for a long time but I just was too afraid to come out of my comfort zone. I’m so glad that I took the step and decided to make this series. This series is called Sunset dreams.




I hope that my new paintings will bring you as much as joy as they brought me when I created them.

And.. I will launch my new series in August.

To see more of my work in progress videos and pictures, make sure to check out me on instagram

P.S  Often times I go Live on Instagram to show you guys how I work. So be sure to follow me on Instagram to get the notifications when I’m Live.

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