A day in the life of an artist


Have you ever wondered how a day of an artist looks like? What they do all day? What they think or what are their everyday tasks. Today I decided that it would be a great idea to write a post about how the day of an artist looks like.

My day usually starts around 9-10 am. That’s because when I go to bed previous night, I usually don’t fall asleep immediately. In fact there are 100000 thoughts in my mind. It’s very difficult to just mute everything in my mind. Most of the time I get the best ideas for my paintings when I’m in bed at night. I keep a little notebook and pen next to my bed so that I can write down all the great ideas.

So, after waking up I eat the breakfast. Usually it contains green or black tea with sandwich. I also like to eat cornflakes with milk. I’m not very hungry when I wake up.

I quickly go through all my social media channels to see what’s new and reply to comments and also comment other amazing artists whose work I like. I love to meet other artists and interact with them. I believe creative people should stick together instead of competing with each other.

After I’ve finished going through my social media and checking my emails I go to my room, set up my easel and start painting. Actually there is something I need to do first. Before I start painting I need to get in the right mood. I put on my Youtube list which has many nice and positive songs. Basicly I sit there, listen to the music and sing and then one moment : BOOM! Something happens to me. I feel so inspired and in the flow. That’s when the magic starts to happen.

I start painting. First of all I just look my painting and try to understand if there is something that I need to change. I believe every day we see art in a different way so that’s why maybe today I might want to change something.

After I’ve made changes or if there is nothing that I want to change about the painting, I will continue where I left off the previous day. Usually I totally lose the track of time when I’m in the creating mode. Haha. If there wouldn’t be my stomach who starts sort of screaming that it needs food to function, I would continue painting till the late hours.

I go and fix something for myself. By that time I’m already so hungry I feel like I’m gonna run down all the walls and doors. That’s probably because sometimes I can’t finish immediately and that leads to low sugar level in my body, which makes me cranky. I need to finish painting a rock or something like that. I wonder am I the only one who gets very mad when hungry.

When I have finished eating, I continue painting and I usually paint about 2-3 hours. After that I start doing other things. This includes cleaning the brushes and my room. It takes a lot of time to get the brushes clean.

Once I’m finished with cleaning, I relax for a little bit. By relaxing I mean body and mind. When my body is sore, then I do a quick yoga session to stretch my body. Yoga helps to unite body, mind and the breath.  When I’m in harmony, I’m calmer and happier which means I will have more productive painting sessions. Besides, painting in the same position for hours is not good for my body.

I like to have things planned ahead. I start brainstorming ideas for my next social media posts. Sometimes I like to plan few weeks ahead, sometimes just 2-3 days. I get my ideas from google or Pinterest.  Also I make pictures ahead because not every day I have something to post on social media. It’s always good to have some images in folder.

When I have finished planning my social media posts, I sketch out ideas for my new paintings. Sometimes it takes just 15 minutes, sometimes it takes for hour.

Around 9pm my brain refuses to collaborate so I need to do something else for a while. I love to watch Netflix. I’m a huge fan of tv series.

Not all of my days are exactly the same but most of them are. Sometimes there are days when I need to do shopping, run some errands or visit a friend. Then I will plan my day accordingly. 

Occasionally I like to take a little breaks from painting and go on a little vacation to recharge and get inspiration for my new artwork. The last thing I want is to overwork and end up having a burnout.

This is how my everyday life looks like. I hope you learned something new about me and my artistic life. If you have any questions then I would be happy to answer them. Write them in the comment section.



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