20 things I love about art



Many people have asked me why do I do what I do. There are so many things I love about art. In this article I will tell you about these reasons.

  1. Colors. I think it’s the most important thing why I love art. There are so many beautiful vibrant colors available. Sometimes I struggle because I can’t decide which colors to use for my paintings.
  2. Paintings. Although I draw portraits of people, painting is still my favorite medium when it comes to creating art. It’s like a totally different world that you can create with these beautiful colors.
  3. Texture. I love texture.
  4.  I’ve also learned to enjoy the unexpected/ unknown. Starting a new piece doesn’t always mean that an image of the finished version in my mind. It can be really scary to look at the blank canvas but if you just trust and create, the magic happens.
  5. Art connects people. Since I started to draw and paint, I have met some amazing and beautiful people from all over the world. It’s so good to talk with like-minded people and discuss on topics about art.
  6. Art shares emotions. I love to watch other artist’s artwork. There are always emotions in the paintings. That’s exactly what I want to accomplish with my paintings- I want to vibrate the positive emotions.
  7. Art teaches you to observe/ look, see things from a different perspective
  8. Art makes me happy.
  9. Thanks to art I will never grow up.
    “In my soul, I am still that small child who did not care about anything else but the beautiful colors of a rainbow”. ~Papiha Ghosh
  10. The process of making art. I love painting because of the process. It’s like everything else in life, you set a goal and then you start moving towards your goal. The most important thing isn’t the finish. During a process we learn so many new things. I grow as an artist during the process.
  11. Art lasts long.  You can see many artwork from famous artists like Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh and Leonardo Da Vinci. These artists are dead but their story lives on in their art.  My wish is to leave my own story to this world and I’m giving my best so that it would be positive and inspiring.
  12. Art speaks the same language all over the world.I like the fact that it doesn’t matter where you come from, you will always understand the language of art because in order to understand it, you just have to observe.
  13. Art is good for soul. It lights up my soul.
  14. Art is freedom .It is free from world’s rules and standards.
  15. Art is meditating. When I’m painting, then I feel like the world around me just disappears. I feel peace and oneness with the artwork. I’m concentrated in the present moment. I feel happiness.
  16. Art is everywhere around us. Years ago when I didn’t paint and draw, I didn’t notice art around me very much. Although when I was a little girl, I loved to lay down on the grass and just stare the clouds with my friends and observe them. I saw animals and many other things. It was so much fun! Now I’m so happy that I notice art everywhere. It makes life so beautiful. Beauty is everywhere around us if we only pay attention.
  17. You forget your worries. It doesn’t matter how big problems I have, painting always makes me forget everything.
  18.  You can be yourself freely. Nowadays in our society, there are certain standards and if you don’t fit in then you are considered to be a weirdo. Through art you can express who you are and be free.
  19. There is no right or wrong. You don’t have to worry about doing it wrong.
  20. Reduces negative emotions.

What are these things you love about art?

5 things I learned from Dr. Wayne Dyer


Wayne Dyer is one of my favorite motivational speaker. Unfortunately he passed away in august 2015. He is also a self- help author who’s first book Your Erroneous Zones, is one of the best selling books of all time. I like his videos and books. He is humble and kind. His movie “The shift” made me actually realise what is really important in life and gave me courage to pursue the artist career. I have learned many things from him.

The world is in a constant change. There is so much rivalry everywhere. Sometimes we forget that the most important thing isn’t to be better than anyone else. I learned from Wayne that I should focus on being a better artist than I was the day before. Whether it is about learning some new painting techniques, drawing techniques or something about marketing my business. Thanks to him I don’t get discouraged so much as I used to in the past. Personally I think every artist should come up with goals that they want to achieve and then start working towards these goals.

” My goal is not to be better than anyone else, but to be better than I was yesterday” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

Sometimes when I paint, I suddenly get frustrated because I realise that the painting is not turning out the way I wanted it. Usually that’s the moment when I feel the urge to just throw the brushes away and do something else. I learned from Wayne to change the way I look at things and everything suddenly worked out. I decided to surrender to the situation and when I got rid of the resistance, then I suddenly got the inspiration and motivation to continue painting.

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”- Dr. Wayne Dyer

Often times people get carried away because they are so desperate to achieve their goals fast. Wayne Dyer taught me that it’s not the destination that is important, it’s the journey to the destination. Sometimes when I have achieved something after a long time of trying, I see everything clearly. I understand that each step was important and beautiful. Each step had something to teach me.

“When you dance,  your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way”- Dr. Wayne Dyer

Being an artist hasn’t always been so easy. I believe every specialty has its positive and negative sides. There have been days I’ve struggled with finding new ideas. Artist block is something that every creative person has come across. I learned that it all comes down to one thing- belief. You have to believe that you can do it and the way will present itself.

“If you believe it will work out, you’ll see opportunities. If you believe it won’t you will see obstacles”- Dr. Wayne Dyer

During all those years I have been artist, I have got so many critical and negative comments. People who do 9 to 5 job every day, have hard time understanding that what the heck is going on in my mind. They don’t understand why I want to risk like that because they don’t think it’s something which would bring me income. Wayne actually encourages people to follow their passion. Passion is this fire inside of you which makes you feel like you can do anything. It’s such a powerful feeling!

“Passion is a feeling that tells you; this is the right thing to do. Nothing can stand in my way. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says. This feeling is so good that it cannot be ignored. I’m going to follow my bliss and act upon this glorious sensation of joy”- Dr. Wayne Dyer

These are some of the things that I have learned from Wayne Dyer. I’m so grateful that I discovered his books and his videos.

Have you watched Wayne’s videos and read his books? In which way has his teachings impacted your creative career?

Why I love being an artist


Why I love being an artistHave you ever thought about why you love doing the things that you do every day? I have! Few days ago I was thinking about a lot of things. I started to think about the times when I began to draw again, on 2010. I thought about all those reasons why I love being an artist.

1)I start with the most important thing. I love to give emotions through my paintings. Every time when I paint something, I put my whole soul in it. There is a quote that I like:

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”- Maya Angelou

 My goal is to make people happy!

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”- Edgar Dega

Actually the whole process of the painting coming to life is very exciting. The idea of the painting may come in the most unexpected moment. And then I  start to think about it. I start to visualize it in my mind. After that I paint it.

I also love the feeling that I get when I know that I have made somebody’s day better because they liked my artwork or because I inspired them somehow.

2) I love learning new things. Not a single day will pass without me learning something new. Whether it be about drawing and painting or something about marketing because when it comes to being an artist, you actually have to do a lot more than paint and draw. You also have to post your art online, market it, find new potential customers, edit pictures, answer to letters, make videos about progress of art and read books about all kinds of things. And this all is so exciting.
I love to watch speed up videos about other artists creating their artwork. I have watched many videos about drawing techniques and painting techniques.

3) I love to meet other artists. I would have never thought that there are so many talented and beautiful  people. I have made some new friends along the way. And their passion and amazing artworks have inspired and motivated me a lot.

So these are some of the reasons why I love being an artist. Every morning when I wake up, I’m so excited because it’s a brand new day full of endless opportunities and possibilities.

What is your passion? What makes you come alive? Why do you like it?


How to start believing in yourself

How to start believing in yourself

Have you ever found yourself thinking that you are not good enough? That your ideas are not good enough? Maybe you think that there are so many artists who are better than you? Have you ever thought: “How am I supposed to achieve my dream?” Welcome to my world. I have had these kind of thoughts so many times that I have lost count. But there is a way how to start believing in yourself more.

I remember when I started to draw and paint again on 2010. Back then I had this perfect image on my mind how I wanted everything to be. Which also included my artistic skills and abilities. I wanted to be good and professional quickly. Unfortunately that meant only one thing, that I didn’t have patience.
So I drew and painted a lot but many times I got mad and frustrated because things didn’t go the way I wanted. So I just threw my pencils and oil colors in the corner. Few days later, something inside of me kept telling me ” Try again, don’t give up. Eventually you will achieve your goals”.

I had a really hard time in my life back then. I studied in the university business and marketing but something inside of me kept telling me that this is not the right thing. And besides that I had an anxiety which made it quite impossible to even go to school. Eventually on the 3rd year I took the risk and decided to quit.

There were so many people around me who didn’t understand why I made that kind of choice. When I told them that I want to be an artist and make the living with my art, then many of them raised their eyebrows and gave me the weird look, like I’m some kind of freak. They told me that its impossible to make money by selling your art. That this can only be my hobby, nothing more. Many even stopped being my friend. But that was totally fine with me.

To be honest, I was really scared. Why? Because I didn’t know how to achieve my dream. And the uncertainty about the future made me worry a lot. Eventually I understood that worrying about everything doesn’t help at all. In fact it only makes things worse. So I decided to take 1 day at a time. As I started to be more positive, I noticed that everything started to get better. My mindset was more positive and I didn’t throw my art supplies to the corner anymore. In fact, I started to get more inspiration and ideas about what to draw and paint.
I spent hours watching different art tutorials on Youtube. I did everything that I could to be better than I was the day before. I invested in myself.

Today I’m really grateful that I didn’t give up.

So if you are facing some difficult times and you want to give up, then please don’t! Because then you might regret later and think: ” What could have been if… “

You will have to face your deepest fears and tell yourself that: “I am good enough!” You have to believe in yourself! Surround yourself with people who like same things as you. There is a quote that I like:
“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”- Dr. Martin Luther King

So just take the first step. And one day you will realize that all these little steps helped you to achieve your dream.

Have you experienced something similar? Maybe you can even share some tips.