New palette


Are you an artist who loves to create and has a lot to offer to the world? Being an artist also means you have to have art supplies to do that. Sometimes for some reason we might not have an opportunity to buy new art supplies and spend money. I will tell you how I made a new palette for myself.

When it comes to painting, the palette is really important thing for an artist. I personally have used quite little palettes and plastic plates. Recently I have been thinking that I should get a bigger palette. I have seen many different palettes for sale:

  • traditional wooden
  • white plastic
  • real glass
  • clear acrylic plastic
  • “Stay wet” palette
  • Disposable palette paper

Since I wasn’t planning on spending any money on a new palette, I decided to take a look around my house. Suddenly I got a feeling that I should go to kitchen and see maybe there is something that I can use. At first I thought that this is crazy! There is no way I will find something from the kitchen. But I was wrong! I found an old refrigerator’s shelf which was left behind after we got a new refrigerator. It was perfect for my palette because my old one was too small and I needed more space for colors.
I’m so happy that it’s so big and it should be quite easy to clean. So if you are thinking about getting a new palette and you don’t want to spend money on it, then you should see maybe there is something you can use as a palette in your home.


Here are few pictures of my palette:



Comments are always welcome and encouraged. Please let me know how you made your palettes. Would love to know!

5 ways how to deal with negative feedback

Work that

Are you a creative person who from time to time is dealing with negative feedback and haters? Maybe you suddenly get doubts whether you are good enough to succeed with your work or not. That makes 2 of us. I have had so many times when I finish a new piece of artwork and I feel so good about it and then suddenly someone comes and destroys my inner piece. I will tell you about 5 ways how to deal with negative feedback.

1. Try not to care what other people think about your work. You would make your life so much easier if you would concentrate more on creating that on people’s opinions. I know its easy to say but if you let every single person affect you, then you won’t get very far, believe me. As much as there are people in the world, there are different tastes in everything. You can’t expect everybody to love your work.

The greatest prison people live in is the fear of what other people think- Unknown

2. Make your mission to disappoint every doubter who ever thought that you won’t succeed in what you’re doing. On 2010 when I decided to choose creating art over studying business and marketing, many people thought that I have lost my mind. They probably thought: “She will never pull this off! She can’t do that. Its ridiculous and stupid.” You know what? In the end of the day, you will  be happier if you do what you love and if you get to show your haters that you are a warrior and you will never give up, then you have won, big time! It sure feels good when you realise how far you have come and how much you have accomplished!

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do- Walter Bagehot

3.Don’t forget that through all these negative feedback and haters, you will grow as a person. People tend to come to our life to teach us something. Sometimes it can be something good and sometimes it can be something negative. Usually when people give us negative feedback or tell us bad things, then we get really protective and start defending ourselves. Instead of getting disappointed and feeling discouraged we should think how we could grow as a person through this situation. We should try to learn to stay calm and peaceful. Like Dalai Lama said, we shouldn’t let the behavior of others to destroy our inner peace.

We met for a reason, either you’re a blessing or a lesson- Frank Ocean

4.Many times people who are brave enough to say something negative about you, aren’t really worth your attention. I mean they are not your good friends, not even your family friends. They probably will cross your way only once and after that you will never see them again, not to mention, hear about them.

Why  Stop letting people who do so little for you control so much of your mind, feelings and emotions- Will Smith

5.You were born to do it! If every morning you wake up feeling excited towards upcoming day then it means that you are on the right road, you are doing the right thing. Don’t ever have doubts!

You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it-Robin Sharma

I’m not sure where you are exactly on your journey, but when it comes to negative feedback and haters, then I always remember these 5 things and I already feel so much better.

I really hope that my post was somehow helpful. I would love to hear your experience with negative feedback. What have you done to restore the faith in yourself, to feel good again?

Art groups that you should follow

As an artist I have learned in time the importance of being a member of art groups. As though most of the artists tend to like more solitude, they still need the community. A feeling that you are a part of something bigger in this world. A place where you can meet people who have same interests and share the same passions as you.
It was 2013 December. I remember it very clearly,I was drawing and painting. I was happy. Yet I felt like there was something missing. By that time I  had found some art groups on Facebook where people could share their artwork and give feedback about other artist’s artwork but mostly people just posted their artwork and that was about it. They didn’t much care about giving feedback about other artist’s artwork or just a simple “Like” which sometimes could brighten up somebody’s day. There was something missing in those groups.
That was the time when I was browsing artwork on one of these art groups. There was a lot of nudity in this group and I was doing my best to still see the good sides of the group which were beautiful artworks of artists. And then it happened. I came across a post by Inaa Häggström Foose who invited all the girls to join her new art group Women’s International Creative Group.
Women’s International Group was created for girls and women only which means that nobody else can post to this group. It’s a group where people can post all kinds of creative work and share it with other artists. Which include photography, craftings, artworks, music, writing and share tips and ideas.
In the beginning I decided to keep a low profile and observe to see what this group is all about and to understand the spirit of the group. It didn’t took me a lot of time to realize that this group is full of beautiful, talented and friendly people. They appreciate each and every single member of the group. I felt the joy of recognition. Why? Because I felt like I had found a right group. A group that I had always wanted to be a part of.
And what I also love about this group. People actually give feedback about each other’s artwork and they encourage and support each other on hard times. For sometimes some artists might get artist blocks or they might have some problems in life and feel like they want to give up. To quit art, for ever. But in this group everybody are always so positive and they encourage each other to not give up and try harder.
I’m so happy that I found this group. Thanks to this group I have been able to meet so many beautiful and talented people.
Here is a picture where you can see the admins of this group.
art group
Another group that I recently found on Facebook is Lachri – Youtube art group. I found it because I had been following Lachri fine art page on Facebook for a while and then Lisa ( an artist behind Lachri fine art) decided to make a group for artists. And of course I wanted to be a part of this group because I love Lisa’s artwork and her Youtube videos.
This group was created so that people from Lisa’s Youtube channel could have a place to share their artwork and ask advice from other artists. I can always learn something new by reading all these posts that discuss about a technique, medium and social media . People are really friendly and nice. There are also challenges for group members in every month.
Plus every week Lisa posts new videos on her Youtube channel and also shares them in the group with members. Those videos include painting critiques, speed paintings, speed drawings, tutorials, artist vlogs, tips, tricks and art advice.
I’m so happy that I found that artist and that group. I have learned so many new things and I have seen so many beautiful artwork.
You can see Lisa’s Youtube channel here:
So these are my favorite art groups on Facebook. What do you think about art groups? Do you follow any?

How I manage my time and structure my day


These days, time management seems to be very important part in people’s lives and also it seems to be a problem for many of us. So today I tell you how I manage my time and structure my day.

  • First of all, every night/evening I make a list for my next day. Why? Because this way its easier for me. Every morning when I wake up and I already have a list of all the things that needs to be done during the day. And I can start doing them.
  • Another things that I like very much is Editorial calendar. I found it recently on Pinterest when I was going through many time management pins. So since I have my blog, then it’s a really good way to keep my blog organized.
  • I also love to make a schedule and plan for my Social Network sites because they are a huge part of my life. I promote my artwork there. So I better do it the right way, you know? Every night I think about next day posting- what and when. For there are certain period of times when it’s most effective.
  • I focus on the most productive time of the day. Because when it comes to painting then I’m best at it in the morning. There are things that I’m good at doing in the evenings and some of the things I’m best at doing in the mornings. This way I can be sure that I’m using my abilities in a maximum way.
  • I keep track of my progress. This will help me see what is still needed to be done and it will motivate me as well.
So these are some of the ways I use to manage my time. How do you manage your time and structure your day?

Lessons I’ve learned as an artist




Have you ever thought about all those things that you have learned as an artist. Today I thought that I will share some lessons I’ve learned as an artist during the past 4 years

  1. If you get artist block, then don’t get frustrated. Take some time off, do something else, go for a walk, meditate, listen to music or read a book. Anything which would take your thoughts off from the fact that you can’t create at the moment.
  2. Don’t compare your artwork with other artist’s artwork. I know that its so good to view artwork that other artists have created but sometimes we tend to forget ourselves and start seeing all these artists who are better than we are. The truth is, there will always be better artists. That doesn’t mean that you aren’t good enough. You are good in your own unique way. By constantly drawing and painting you will get better and better every day. You just have to be patient.
  3. Don’t be a copycat. Don’t try to be somebody else. Don’t try to copy some other artist’s style. Be patient. In time you will develop your own style and this will be something how people will  remember you, this will make you special.
  4. Take some courses or buy some new e-books. Try to learn some new things and develop your  art skills.
  5. Try to be open minded to all the ideas that you get. It’s good to try new things and step out of your comfort zone. This way you can grow as an artist.

I hope that you found this information useful. What have you learned as an artist?