Why I decided to become an artist


Since my birthday is not so far away, I decided to reflect on this question. In this post I will tell you why I decided to become an artist.
Obviously I have been loving drawing since I was a little girl. Sometimes I drew even for hours. Oh yes, it made me feel like I’m in my own element.
My grandmother was usually drawing and painting with me. I can still remember clearly how we used to sit in the kitchen and paint with watercolors. That was so much fun!
Later on when I was about 8 years old and went to school, I also took some art classes. I was always very excited to go there. I think I was attended at these classes for few years. After that I had to concentrate more on my studies because it turned out that I wasn’t good at math. Sometimes I felt quite sad because I missed those art classes.
When I was a teenager I went to a model school. At first it seemed so interesting and perfect but as the time passed, I realised that it wasn’t for me. That because I got an opportunity to represent one brand’s clothes and that required me to stand on the stage and walk on the podium. But I was and still am a really shy person and I knew that I can’t do anything like that. So I decided to quit the model school.
During the high school I didn’t draw very much. We had an art history class and sometimes teacher gave us some homework to do which included drawing. Everytime when I drew something, I felt like my soul was singing because of the happiness. And sometimes when I was at home and doing my other homework, I used to take some breaks from studying and during those breaks I used to sketch something. I think it was my way to relax because I was having a lot of tension because of the school. Many times I was having troubles with mathematics, physic and chemistry. I even had private teachers who helped me to stay on track. Looking back, this was my body’s way to tell me : ” Liisi, mathematics, physic and chemistry is not for you.You are meant to draw, you are meant to be creative”
After high school when most of my classmates went to study something in the university, I had no idea what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be. Sometimes its just hard to figure out so important things in life, you know?
Going to the university immediately after high school didn’t seem right for me. Especially when I didn’t know what I wanted to study. I took some time off. I went to work. I worked in the cafe and sport shop. It didn’t take me long to realize that customer service isn’t the thing that I want to do for the rest of my life. Because not all the customers were nice and I found it emotionally really exhausting taking other people’s negative energy inside of me and in the end of the day when I finished work and went home, I felt so tired and sad.
I understood that most of the people are doing the 9 to 5 work just to survive and they were so sad and angry inside- they didn’t like what they were doing.
Finally I got an idea. I wanted to study business and marketing. So I went to the university. Most of the time I was happy with my choice but then I started to get some doubts. I had to do some presentations and that meant public speaking. My legs were trembling and I was having real difficulties by remembering what to even say. And again there was a lot of tension in my life. I tell you a secret. There were days when I got my panic attacks and depression so I wasn’t even able to go to school. I was so depressed and sad. I started to draw and paint again. Slowly I started to feel good again. My mood wasn’t so bad anymore and life didn’t seem to be so harsh. Eventually I quit university and started to concentrate on art again. I can’t even tell you how happy I was making that decision. I just felt refreshed.
Looking back I now understand that all those things that I experienced were there for a reason. To show me what I should do and to learn some life lessons. Thanks to all this knowledge I can start my own art company.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive”- Howard Thurman
 Have you ever experienced something similar?

Lessons I’ve learned as an artist




Have you ever thought about all those things that you have learned as an artist. Today I thought that I will share some lessons I’ve learned as an artist during the past 4 years

  1. If you get artist block, then don’t get frustrated. Take some time off, do something else, go for a walk, meditate, listen to music or read a book. Anything which would take your thoughts off from the fact that you can’t create at the moment.
  2. Don’t compare your artwork with other artist’s artwork. I know that its so good to view artwork that other artists have created but sometimes we tend to forget ourselves and start seeing all these artists who are better than we are. The truth is, there will always be better artists. That doesn’t mean that you aren’t good enough. You are good in your own unique way. By constantly drawing and painting you will get better and better every day. You just have to be patient.
  3. Don’t be a copycat. Don’t try to be somebody else. Don’t try to copy some other artist’s style. Be patient. In time you will develop your own style and this will be something how people will  remember you, this will make you special.
  4. Take some courses or buy some new e-books. Try to learn some new things and develop your  art skills.
  5. Try to be open minded to all the ideas that you get. It’s good to try new things and step out of your comfort zone. This way you can grow as an artist.

I hope that you found this information useful. What have you learned as an artist?

5 ways how I cope with artist block


As many of you might know and maybe have experienced, artist block is a worst nightmare for an artist, isn’t it? It usually comes when its least expected. Feels like you have lost all your inspiration but there are some ways to overcome it. I’m sure you have thought to yourself  “This is driving me crazy” Over the time I have found some effective ways which have helped me to overcome it. And I would like to share with you 5 ways how I cope with artist block.

  1. Often times I have started to listen to music and sing. Singing is something that I love and it really helps me to get the attention off the fact that I can’t create anything at the moment. And it always makes me so so happy!
  2. The other thing that I like to do is yoga.  Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice or discipline that aims to transform body and mind. And after yoga I always feel less stressed and more relaxed.
    Sometimes I have got some good ideas during the yoga and sometimes after I have finished doing the yoga.
  3. Meditation is something that has helped me most of the time. Because during the meditation I quiet my mind, eventually reach a higher level of  awareness and calm. And after that I might also get some new good ideas and inspiration.
  4. Something that I have also found effective, is going for a walk or meeting a friend. Just to have a quality time with my friends. It makes me feel good and it might inspire me to create something.
  5. Challenging myself. In the summer there was a period of time when I didn’t have inspiration at all. I was struggling a lot. So I came up with an idea to make 50 paintings in 1 year. This challenge has hold my mind busy most of the time. And I have more ideas.

I hope that you found something which could help you. Or if you have some great tips how you overcame artist block, then I would like to hear about them. Let me know in the comments section.

How I get ideas for my artwork



As an artist I have heard many people asking that where do I get ideas for my artwork. So I will tell you some of the ways that I’ve discovered along the way.

  1. Lot of my artwork comes from everything that I see around me. There is inspiration everywhere.
  2. Since I love music very much then music has a huge part in my creativity. Sometimes I can get ideas by playing the piano and the other times I can get ideas by singing or listening some songs. I have noticed that violin music does the miracles for me. Especially Lindsey Stirling’s music. She has some really good songs. And of course Enigma. My favorite Enigma’s song is Return to the innocence.
  3. I get ideas when I’m in the bed and ready to fall asleep. There have been so many days when during the days I have thought long and hard about all the possible ways and techniques how to make my art better. And finally when I go to bed, then sometimes I might get about 15 ideas. So I keep my pen and notebook close.
  4. Lately I started to do yoga. There have been moments when some ideas have popped in my mind. When you are relaxed then its more likely to get inspiration and new ideas for artwork.
  5. And there have been times when I’ve seen the image in my mind and then I’ve started to put this image on the canvas.

So these are some ways how to get some ideas for my paintings. If you have some good ways, then I would like to hear about them. Post them in the comments selection.