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Have you ever had problems with finding a good reference photo for your artwork? I know that sometimes it can be a real struggle if you don’t know the right places to search from. Therefore I decided to make a list of all the places where you can find photos for your next artwork/project.

Free resources
On Facebook there are many groups and pages where you could find reference photos for your next artwork. Each reference group and page have their own rules. Make sure you read them through before using any pictures.

NEW SITE Reference photos for artists It’s closed group on Facebook. You have to send an invitation to be a part of this group. It offers photos starting from still life and ending with mushrooms. You may also upload your finished artwork to this group. Personally I have found many reference photos for my paintings and drawings so I really like this group

Artist reference photos– it’s a Facebook page for artists and photographers. They ask you to credit any photographers when you use their work. They have a huge gallery which offers photos about almost everything. There are many pictures about landscapes and animals. This page also lets you post your finished artwork for page members to see. I like this page. It has so many beautiful pictures. Sometimes it’s hard for me to choose.

JuneartZ Free reference photo’s for artistsThis one is also on Facebook. It’s a personal collection of photos from June. She allows artists to use her pictures. She has only one rule. You have to credit her. I haven’t used any of her photos yet, but I think she has some really beautiful photos on her page. I will definitely use some of them in the future.

MorgueFile– It offers high resolution stock photos which are freely contributed by many artists. They ask that you credit the photographer when possible. Although, if you have any questions, you should contact the specific photographer.

Public domain photos– They allow you to use their images for any purpose, including commercial. If some photos contain logo and products, you should be careful.

Free photos for artists–  You can find wide variety of high quality, mega pixel and copyright free photos. It has many galleries full of beautiful pictures.

Resources with a fee

Wildlife reference photos– The website is run by a family of 5 members. Photos are royalty-free which means that once purchased you can use photos as many times as you wish. You can use them for personal and commercial use. 1 photo costs $5. They offer a featured subscription. It allows you to download 5 high resolution photos for $10 if you download them in 30 days.

African Reference photos– As name already says, this website offers wildlife reference photos. You can use them for personal and commercial use. 20 photos are just $10. All these photos are taken by  Scotch Macaskill.

3d.sk– It offers human photo references for 3D artists and game developers. So if you are an 3D artist, then check out this site.

Paint my photo– Personally I haven’t used photos that this site offers but I have noticed that many artists use photos from that page. In order to use the photos you have to register and become a member. It asks you to consider a small monthly subscription.

Do you know any other photo reference sites for artists? Please let me know and I will add them to my post.

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